Shalelu Andosana


Shalelu Andosana is an female elven ranger who specializes in dealing with the goblin tribes in the area. She passes through Sandpoint once or twice a season to buy supplies and never remains more than a few days, always staying at the same room at the Rusty Dragon free of charge, lending a small bit of truth to the rumors that she used to adventure with Ameiko. Near the end of each visit, she meets with Sheriff Hemlock and Mayor Deverin for a few hours at the garrison to give a report on the state of the hinterlands before she leaves town again. Both Hemlock and Deverin value Shalelu’s reports, since they provide a non-biased insight into how the local farmlands are faring and keep the town council abreast of burgeoning dangers in the region.

Shalelu also helped the party when they fought against Tsuto and the goblins at the Glassworks


Shalelu Andosana

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